Key Features:

  • Women from tribal and other poor families are organized into producer collectives.
  • A collective typically has 500-1000 members with 30-50 farmers in one village.
  • Poultry sheds are built on their homesteads
  • This intervention provides a women Skills, infrastructure, inputs and marketing assurance.
  • The co-operative is designed in such a way to allow seamless transition of non-producers to producers making them compete with large poultry farmers, and stand in the market. It provides all necessary services to the farmers: (i) access to high quality inputs and market, (ii) on-farm production supports, (iii) organise working capital, (iv) marketing of birds, (iv) risk mitigation from input and output price movements etc.
  • A community-based supervisor provides round-the-clock production management and farm-support
  • A professional manager trained in veterinary or management sciences is engaged by the cooperative as its chief functionary responsible for day-to-day management and operational business decisions. Manager is supported by Production Manager, Veterinarians, marketing executive, account staff etc.
  • Poultry Management System based on Quality Assurance Systems approach provides a detailed systems and procedures for business decisions and helps in compliance and monitoring, this is supported by a customised accounts & MIS software.
  • The cooperatives are further federated into state level secondary organizations. The federation passes on the benefits of: vertical integration, professional and technical support, economies of scale, increased bargaining power with external suppliers and regulators. 



  • Each Women has a broiler farm of 500-1000 birds.
  • She can rear 5-6 batches in a year.
  • Each woman earns around Rs.40,000-80,000/- in a year for 200 days (3-4 hours a day) of engagement
  • Each Women has a layer farm of 400-500 birds.
  • Each Bird may produce up to 320-340 eggs during the production life of next 52-60 weeks
  • Each woman earns around Rs. 55,000-60,000/-  annually from this activity with 3-4 hours of engagement/day.
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